The Perfect Self


The Truthseeker may encounter one stumbling block on their path . They will identify with a certain individual and see perfection and will strive to be like this person . It maybe Jesus, Mohammed , The Virgin Mary or Mother Theresa, or whoever . They think they have to reach a certain level of being before they can compare themselves to their heroes .

Of course these individuals were humans like everyone else . One can presume from the money changing incident, Jesus had anger management issues and Mohammed had a decidely dodgy record, and one could question Mother Theresa’s stance on contraception in a country already full to the brim with people .

The real difference between so called Saints and mere mortals is in the Mind . The Self realized person knows they are perfect but ‘ normal ‘ human beings are perfect but think they are not . Everyone is perfect – you cannot be anything else as perfection is ingrained . It doesn’t matter what you do, you will always be perfect .

You maybe ugly, fat, lazy and angry . You maybe a murderer, paedophile or , God forbid, a banker . You are still perfect and nothing can ever change this . In fact our so called imperfections stem from the belief we are not perfect . This belief is a form of Self hatred which is then projected out into the World in anger and hatred .

Trying to be  perfect is a fool’s journey, as all it requires is a change in perception . There is nothing you have to do or be . You are already perfect .


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