Just My Imagination Running Away With Me


Below, I have uploaded three images of the Sun, Jupiter and The Horsehead Nebula . These images are amazing and show a wonderful and beautiful Universe . There is only one problem – none of them really exists . They are literally, figments of our imagination .

Individuals dedicate their lives to study the stars and investigate the human body . This is part of the magician’s trick – the World is so real that we are unable to see through the illusion . The beauty beguiles us like a beautiful girl and we have fallen head over heels, but we have become addicted and are unable to detox .

The Universe only exists in the Mind and nothing lasts in this Mind, dedicated to Death . For everything you see will die but we still think there is something valuable in the physical world . Nothing in the physical world has value, precisely because it is not real .

Do not look to the physical for your safety- none will be found there . No amount of money, no relationship or fast car can save you from what you fear most – your non physical, eternal Self .


Images courtesy of NASA .


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