The Christmas Zombies

In the Zombie film, Dawn of the Dead the creator George A Romero has the Zombies return to a shopping mall . The survivors, who are trying to escape from the Zombies wonder why they are drawn to the mall :

What are they doing ? Why do they come here ?

Some kind of instinct . Memory of what they used to do . This was an important place in their lives .

Over the last few months I have rarely watched TV, mainly because the shows are suitable only for the brain dead, but it has meant I have avoided the Christmas advertising . When I have ventured into town for shopping, I was faced with a mass of humanity seemingly in some form of hysteria rushing from shop to shop adding another shopping bag to their collection .

Yet even when Christmas is over, the shopping frenzy continues as the Sales start and again humans venture out to accumulate more possessions, which they will use for a short time and then dispose of them . On my visits to the shops, my reaction was : ‘ What are you all doing ‘ ? I have always realised that Christmas shopping was insane but this year, it has been brought into sharper focus .

The Zombie analogy is actually quite accurate . We are the only animal that consumes more than it needs and it is an ‘ instinct ‘ . We believe we need more and this belief is compounded by the brainwashing in the Media . This part of us is triggered and off we go to the shops, buying objects we do not really need . Christmas shoppers are in a brain dead state, operating on automatic pilot like the Zombies .

This desire to have more comes from the belief in the human psyche that we are not good enough and we are not complete, so the shopper zombies are trying to fill this unfulfilled hole with physical objects . This belief is wrong – everyone is good enough and already complete . We do not need anything outside of our Self .


2 thoughts on “The Christmas Zombies

  1. Ahaha, that is what happen to Christmas, to major religious holidays, or to religions themselves. A spiritual aid that has been transformed into capitalistic means of gaining profit. Our greed for increasing profit has turned our society into, literally, zombies πŸ˜€

    This post is a nice one, Frank πŸ™‚

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