So This Is Christmas

So this is Christmas and what have you done ?
Another year over . And a new one just begun .
John Lennon

Christmas is here yet again . With the time compression we are experiencing, it only feels like six months since the previous one and it probably is just that . Christmas is meant to celebrate the birth of Jesus on 25th December and Christians give presents and party in thanks for this birth .

In reality, this is not the case . Christmas is actually a pagan, for want of a better word, festival linked to the Winter Solstice and all the merriment is not connected to the birth of Jesus but the Sun . The 21st December is the Winter Solstice and the longest day in the northern hemisphere, and in symbolic terms the death of the Sun . On the 25th December we celebrate its rebirth, hence the excitement .

Other Christian feast days which have a pagan background are Easter, which is another Death/Rebirth date and the Harvest Festival . Christianity became an official religion when Constantine, the Roman Emperor had a conversion from the worship of Sol Invictus, the Roman Sun God or so says official Christian orthodoxy . In my opinion and others it was closer to a corporate merger than a takeover, with Christianity incorporating many aspects of Sun worship .

Pope Benedict & the Sun ?

Jesus is referred to as the Son of God and I think this is no coincidence that this phrase is very similar to the Sun God . In fact Jesus’ death and resurrection is another Death/Rebirth tale similar to Osiris or The Green Man .

In my opinion, Jesus was a great teacher and healer but his holy days are not linked to him but actually celebrate more ancient Gods . It is the birth of the Sun which is worshipped on Christmas day not Jesus . I just thought you ought to know .


2 thoughts on “So This Is Christmas

  1. Yes Christmas is a sham. But dont blame that on Christ. Man has messed a lot of things. Most people dont understand they are worshiping the sun god. Christians banned Christmas in the 1600s for being pagan. You shouldnt stick it all together and throw out the baby with the bath water. no pun intended.

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