Belief and Knowing


The human psyche loves to believe without knowing . We all have opinions and some people are too keen to pass on this knowledge but most of our beliefs are just that, beliefs .

In religions, Faith is seen as a positive virtue . We are told what to think but when we ask for evidence, we are asked to have Faith . We are told The Bible and The Koran, etc are the words of God but how do we know this ? Of course, we don’t know for sure and when a certain level in spirituality is reached, we find we have to admit we don’t know .

We are told to believe by our political leaders but all too often, they do not keep to their promises and we feel disappointed . Most of our beliefs come from others and we then pass it on as knowledge especially our religious beliefs .

We believe we die when our body dies and that the world is real but we don’t really know . We are told God forbids this and that but again, we can’t say for sure . We are told a religious belief is the ‘ only way ‘ but how do you really know ?

In order to obtain real knowledge, the spiritual seeker will have to embrace uncertainty and admit they don’t know, and that their beliefs are not certain . Uncertainty is an enemy of our Ego which seeks for certainty where there is none . When you start accepting uncertainty, you will find that true knowledge comes to you .


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