Opening Doors


When I was young, my Dad was largely absent from my life . My parents had divorced and my mother moved to a new area and it was difficult for him to visit but at the same time he lost his job . It was the 1960s and he got involved with the Maharishi and Transcendental Meditation movement, which seemed very peculiar to me as he was about ten years older than most of the individuals who were involved with such movements .

He met The Beatles in India in which he had no interest, but was very exciting for me and got into a fight with one of The Beach Boys over a girl on a beach in India . He had no idea which one it was but it is assumed to be Mike Love . After his initial training, he started teaching meditation but after a few years he became very disillusioned and left, and eventually joined an Evangelical Christian church .

Unfortunately he suffered ill health and eventually died off cancer in his early 60s . From my perspective at the time, his life appeared wasted . To me success meant achievement in work and a life could be viewed as worthwhile only by what you left behind in material terms . However, as I have grown older my life has taken a similar turn and I am following the well worn spiritual path and I am beginning to see the point .

Even from a spiritual perspective though it still seemed pointless . He had definitely not reached any great heights in his spiritual search and I wondered whether it was worth all the pain and aggravation, he had gone through . So what was the point ?

For me, the reason for his spiritual journey, and others in the 1960s and later, was to open doors for others to follow . When his life is seen from the perspective that we are One it makes sense . From an individual point of view it may seem he made relatively little progress but through the Universal telescope he and others like him helped greatly and knocked down many barriers which we have walked through .

Each generation opens more doors and at present we are walking down a long hallway opening one door after another, even though this may not be apparent from the state of the world and when we leave the world, others will open more doors . Every action is important but the most important is giving . When we give without any thought of reward, we are coming from our true nature and each time this happens the whole world changes and even the smallest gesture makes a difference .

At present the old world is collapsing around us but this is necessary for the new one to be created . Just keep opening the doors and eventually we will come to the final door .



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