All There Is

When one watches the TV news or reads newspapers, you are bombarded with bad news . A common trait is an attempt to blame someone for the incidents . Greedy bankers, rapists, paedophiles and warmongers are some of the guilty we like to blame . They did it, its all their fault we say to ourselves .

Yet there is one bit of information which we have chosen not to remember and it is the people who are blamed, are in fact you and me . At the very basic level, we are all the same . This Self has been described as All There Is, Universal Consciousness or Atman and is literally All There Is, for nothing else exists outside it . It is what we all are .

We are in fact this Self living a bewildering number of experiences . You may not like Jews, Blacks, Whites etc or hate gay people . It does not matter who you hate because they are your Self . Your worse enemy is literally your Self and and any form of hatred is Self hatred .

You are committing the rapes and child abuse and at the same time, you are the victim and so am I . You may envy someone else’s lifestyle but you are experiencing it and so am I .

We are All There Is . We/You/I are the source of everything in our consciousness . We are Adolf Hitler and Osama bin Laden and at the same time Jesus and Mohammed . You are Everything and Everything is you !




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