The Surrey Puma



One summer night, about twenty years ago, I was walking down a small lane in Surrey, England at eight o’clock in the evening . It was just becoming night and as I walked down further, I became aware of something lying down in the lane about a hundred yards away . I carried on walking and just before I reached it, the figure suddenly rose up and stared at me in fright .

The figure that was looking at me was a big black cat . I stared at it and it stared back . To be honest I don’t know who was more frightened, the animal or me but luckily it wasn’t prepared to find out whether I was friend or foe and raced away as fast as it could go . It was the most beautiful animal I have ever seen .

There had been various sightings of black cats in England for some time, such as The Beast of Bodmin Moor and The Surrey Puma but the media had decided that these sightings were seen by deluded individuals, either drunk or mad . When I told my friends, I was predictably laughed at and derided but fortunately a few days later, someone else saw the animal in her back garden .

When I look back at this incident, what strikes me was the immediate reaction of derision . This came from the media who told everyone these animals weren’t real and so buying into the group consensus, everyone believed what they were told . What surprises me is that the sighting of large black cats in England would not really be that remarkable if you consider some of the weird things that happen in this world . Since my close encounter, there have been so many sightings that it is grudgingly accepted large black cats exist in England .

My friends had bought in to the media explanation and so their beliefs were created by others even though they had no personal experience or any real reason to doubt me . How many of our beliefs are our own ? Our beliefs come from within us but we very rarely question them and wonder why do I believe this . For many years it was believed the Sun circled the Earth and that the World was flat and it took many years for this group consensus to be changed and it was only when the science became so overwhelming, people changed their minds .

We either inherit or absorb other people’s beliefs and we very rarely challenge this belief system . From a spiritual perspective, we are told to believe that we die when our bodies cease to be . We are told we are guilty and sinful and we are also ordered how to live our lives by the Law who decides what is right and wrong .

Very few people question their own belief system but I would suggest everyone should examine it and decide whether their beliefs are their own or someone else’s . More people should ask themselves whether they know if their beliefs are genuine, how do they know they are true and is it what they really think, or the opinions of others ?  Is it your Mind or does it belong to someone else ?


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