The Human Firewall

A Firewall is a defence mechanism used in computers . The intention is to keep out malware and viruses which may infect the computer . Cyber security has been in the news lately with governments finding their IT systems under attack from unknown sources .

A large industry has grown up in Internet Security protecting us from these viruses and they are continually having to evolve to deal with the threat from hackers .

We have our  own inbuilt firewall which is vastly more sophisticated than any computer firewall but unlike the computer security, this firewall does not help us, for deep down within our psyche we do not want to join with our Self .

This defence takes many forms such as addictions and by our belief system . We believe money and death can save us from our spiritual Self and the firewall is always on guard to protect us . We do not need protecting from our Self but even though consciously we may see the error in the Mind, this inner computer has taken over and continually fights against the inevitable .

At present, our firewall sees itself under attack from Spirit, for want of a better phrase and our defences are being slowly dismantled  . Our firewall does not help us and we can consciously help the process by letting it be and not fighting, as much as we can .

The stronger the resistance, the more painful it will be .


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