God is Everything

Alpha & Omega

From Neale Donald Walsch : Home With God

God to Neale Donald Walsch :

You are different from God, but you are not divided from God. That is why you can never die .

You and God are one . There is no separation between you .

While this may appear to some to be a very elementary piece of information, when you apply this basic principle of life TO life, you create a container within which you can hold all the previous Remembrances you’ve brought yourself here, as well as those to come .

The implications of the Sixth Remembrance are enormous . If you are clear that you and God are one, and that there is no separation between you, it changes the context within which you experience that everything in your life has happened, is happening and ever will happen .

To use obvious examples from what we have just been talking about here, an understanding of your unity with the Divine makes it far less ardous for you to remember and embrace the truth that you are the cause of your own death, or that there are no victims and no villains in the world . This can make your path to Completion less arduous and your death more peaceful .

Now obviously, the individual that is you does not represent the totality of God . Yet you have all the characteristics , all the aspects, all of the elements of Divinity within you .

God is you, writ large . Indeed , God is everything . There is nothing that is not God .




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