Nothing Unreal Exists

Here in Britain the media is full of reports of a new attempt at planting a bomb on an aeroplane . An explosive device was found on a plane at East Midlands Airport in England which was due to fly to the USA and it is surmised the bomb was timed to explode .

In the USA, President Obama gave a presidential press conference where he detailed the threat to the US and in the UK, the Home Secretary similarly has been on television declaring the government is doing all they can to keep us safe . I won’t go into the coincidence that the bomb was discovered a few days before important elections in the USA .

It is not only terrorists who gain from these threats but the respective governments as well . Terrorists use these attacks to engender fear within populations but the governments gain as the public looks to them for protection, and willingly surrender power over their lives in order to be kept safe .



The world we inhabit is Mind Stuff  and is not happening apart from in the Mind . What we fear does not exist unless we believe it so . Our fear is that the terrorists will kill us and therefore we must fight them, but we cannot be hurt . We ask our governments to protect us but we are always safe .

We are similar to a child who doesn’t understand how its toys work .  A child may be frightened by a Jack in the Box when it jumps out, but when it realises how the toy works, its fear disappears . Our fear and the terrorists fear comes from the fear of God, Life and Self and these manifestations of our deep dread are like the child with the Jack in the Box .

There is nothing happening outside of you apart from in the Mind . The media love to give us bad news stories and that is all they are – stories and illusions . Nothing can be harmed, not even if the physical world blew itself up .

You are always Safe .


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