The best things in life are free
But you can give them to the birds and bees
I want money

Lyrics – Money by the Flying Lizards


Here in Britain, the Government has announced enormous cuts in its spending . Its not just in Britain but all over Europe, and riots have broken out in France and it would be a surprise if this did not occur in other countries . The cuts will impact on jobs and services and in Britain it is estimated 500,000 people will lose their jobs over the next few years .

The Government parrots the mantra ‘ we have run out of money ‘ and ‘ we can’t afford it ‘ . Everything in Life is connected to our belief system and the Government’s view of their finances is a mirror of our own internal belief . Our Ego believes there is not enough and that Life can be limited . In reality, there is always enough and the universe has an unlimited supply of goodies for every oneits just that we don’t choose to believe it .

This belief that there is not enough comes from our own opinion of Self . Our Ego tells us we are not enough and then we project this belief externally, and create a world where it appears there is not enough . The Ego is mistaken – we/you/I are good enough and are complete . We are worthy and are innocent – we do not have to improve .

These spending cuts demonstrate another facet of our belief system . We believe we need something outside of ourself to survive and think that bits of paper and metal are valuable . In fact, the world is not real and this false idol of money is a glittering illusion, along with the rest of our physical World . We are eternal and we will always survive . Our Body may perish but we do not die with it .

We are coming to the end of a spiritual Epoch and what we thought could keep us safe, such as money, property etc are collapsing around us and we feel defenceless . Yet what our Ego fears above all is our salvation . What it is attempting to defend us against is our own spiritual Self and all the weapons and money in the world cannot effect this .

Money is an illusion which promises us Heaven but in fact keeps us out of Heaven and it is only in our dysfunctional Mind that it exists . There is always enough and you are always good enough .



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