The Waking Dream

When we sleep, we dream . These dreams can be pleasant or sometimes nightmares and we always awaken from the dream .

Nobody fully understands dreams but it is safe to say they are manifestations of our subconscious . In our dreams all sorts of characters and places can occur and we may find ourselves on the Moon or on a Desert Island .

When we wake up, we assume that the world we awaken to is real and everything we see and feel is actually happening . We see buildings and people moving around,  and we communicate and live together . But very few people ever question the reality of this world and have asked whether when we awake from one dream, are we just continuing another dream ?

This Waking Dream is also ruled by our subconscious . We dream of bodies that can die and be harmed, and we attempt to defend ourselves against imaginary enemies who wish to destroy us . Sometimes we have more pleasant experiences in this waking dream and may dream we are in love with another person . We may dream we are rich and live in beautiful houses with a loving family .

It doesn’t matter whether the dream is a nightmare or pleasant – it is still a dream . In dreams, there is always one certainty – we always awaken and the same is true with the Waking Dream which we believe to be real . The dreams we have when we are asleep are dreams within a larger dream and it is this larger dream which we still have to awaken from . We are just dreaming and have been in a deep sleep for a very long time .

At present we are being slowly awakened – the result is inevitable . Its our choice whether we awaken from a pleasant dream or whether we awake, shaking in terror from a self made nightmare .


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