The Burning of The Koran-Divide and Rule

In my blog, I have often referred to our Ego’s desire to retain a separation between itself and our larger spiritual Self . The current media controversy over the on/off burning of the Koran shows this separation in action .

Pastor Terry Jones is the pastor of a small church called the Dove World Outreach Centre in Gainsville, Florida, USA and he proclaimed that on the anniversary of 9/11 he would burn The Koran in protest, declaring the date ” International Burn a Koran Day ” . At the time of writing , the burning has been cancelled after considerable pressure was put on Pastor Jones but it seems to change from day to day and may go ahead .

We could just take this to be one man’s protest against 9/11 but the driving force comes from a far deeper level . Our Ego separates the world into us and them, black and white, friend and enemy and Pastor Jones is being compelled by his ego to attempt to continue this separation between Christians and Islam . His ego does not desire peace, as I am sure he piously preaches in his sermons but division and separation . At the same time, his power increases as fearful individuals turn to him to protect them against the hordes of jealous, brown skinned Moslems who want to destroy the American way of Life  ( That is my attempt at irony ) .

On the other side there are protests in the Islamic world as Moslems take to the streets in protest . Again, these actions come from the Ego that needs our identification with it as a Victim and belief it can be hurt . Nobody would be harmed by the burning of The Koran apart from the entrenched belief system involved in all religions . In reality, it would be just be a number of pages with ink written on them being consumed by the fire but the Moslem leaders attempt to keep their power and control by inflaming the situation  ( No pun intended ) .

The World’s Ego uses these divide and rule tactics to continue its existence . It needs us to retain our belief in us and them, and will use any tactic to keep the separation . At the deepest level, this division is intended to keep us from joining with our spiritual Self , as well as each other . There is only ‘ We ‘ and the small, separated ‘ I ‘ we think we are does not really exist . Pastor Jones, in reality, is joined with every Moslem in the world and every Moslem with him for eternity,  and ” International Burn a Koran Day ” can do nothing to change this .


2 thoughts on “The Burning of The Koran-Divide and Rule

  1. Yes this issue is interesting.

    I myself live among the Moslems (and I myself was listed as Moslem), and I planned to write to fellow Moslems that they need not to be provoked by the burning of Koran. After all, the Pastor can only burn paper and ink; but if they fall into provocation and hate, then the Pastor is successfully burning the spirit of Koran within them. Instead of taking revenge, it is much better to smile and embrace him with love.

    You put this issue in neutral and balanced way–I like it. Most people idea’s about peace is the annihilation of “others”, while as you stated, that is impossible because in reality, we are all One in Eternity–One can never annihilate Oneself, can One? 😀

    1. Hi Rizal – I wondered what you would think about it . Both sides feel threatened by each other – its just so stupid but as always, those who gain the most are the leaders of the religions as well as governments who need their public to fear something .

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