All Things Must Pass

All Things Must Pass is a loose translation of the Buddha’s final words . It is also the title of a triple album by George Harrison . ( I seem to be going through a Beatles phase at the moment . I suppose its not surprising as they were the catalyst for the current spiritual resurgence )  . The most obvious truths are described in the most simplest manner and All Things Must Pass is one of the greatest truths .

All physical objects will die – from our bodies to the sun and the stars . All Things Must Pass !  However, it does not apply just to physical objects but phases in our lives as well . We pass from child to adult to death . All these different parts of our lives will at some point come to an end . You may be going through a good period of your life at the moment but at some point it will end . The reverse is also true . If you are going through a bad period, at some point it will come to an end, even if this means death .

Our important relationships are also transitory . Our marriages will end eventually and our children grow up and leave home . Our working lives will end one day with retirement . You will have to leave the house that you cherish . We experience little deaths all the time but the big one is Death itself when we have to let go of our bodies . This has happened to every man or animal since the history of the world and no one can escape . All Things Must Pass .

So what is permanent . The only permanent thing is our non physical Self which lives in the eternal NOW . We believe we live in this world but in truth we reside in the NOW HERE , where we always have and always will .

It may be true that in our world All Things Must Pass but in reality the truth is Nothing Real Can Die .

Below is a You Tube video of George Harrison singing All Things Must Pass :


5 thoughts on “All Things Must Pass

    1. Thanks for that – it’s strange but a lot of the Beatles ( group and solo ) songs seem more relevant now than they did when they were first recorded .

      1. yeah, I just think they are so timeless, people can all relate to them… they were some of the first to write songs about the situations of the ordinary folk… that made them so popular

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