Ascension Symptoms

In recent years people have noticed that they are experiencing peculiar physical symptoms such as tiredness, flulike symptoms, dizziness or lightheadedness . Other manifestations maybe unexplained anger, anxiety, guilt or depression and even a sense of unreality . They may last for a few days and there seems to be no reason for them .

We are in the middle of a large influx of spiritual energy into the world and these symptoms are the result . The energy is effecting the physical body as our shadow emotions are brought to the surface . Even though they may be unpleasant, they do not cause any harm .

So how to deal with them ? The answer is acceptance – try not to fight them and let them do whatever they are intended for and try not to take it out on others . They are manifestations of this spiritual ” ascension ” . Obviously, if the systems are prolonged I would suggest it is wise to see a doctor, though .

Acceptance is the key to this spiritual energy – the more you fight, the worse it will become . They are only temporary and the better you accept them, the sooner they will disappear .


2 thoughts on “Ascension Symptoms

  1. A physic-artist friend of mine said it is now harder to draw concrete pictures and images from “the field”, there’s too much noise and to much sudden changes, though she does not know why.

    A Spiritual Master I know said that we are slowly cut from spiritual energy–which explains not only individual symptoms, but also climate change, gravitational balance shift on solar system, rising social disorders, increasing numbers of natural disasters, and many more… up until 2012, where the spiritual gate fully closed and begin reopening…

    Some others said it is really influx of spiritual energy, which is uncontained by people’s level of consciousness, that seeks even lower and lower outlet; and finds its way out through increasing natural disasters and chaos.

    I’d say, no matter what–make the most and enjoy every passing moment right here, right now.

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