Who Am I ?

The question of identity is at the core of our Mind’s dysfunction . From the day we are born, others label us and we give ourselves our own labels .

We are initially given a name and like pets, who respond to a name, we gradually learn to identify with this . Over time we are referred to as a child, then a teenager and finally an adult .

According to our sex, we are labelled as Mr, Miss or Mrs and when we perform a ceremony with someone else we are then called married and when our children are born another label, a parent, becomes attached to us .

We can also become identified with our profession – lawyer, accountant, policemen,  etc and we are seen as a person through this lens . You can be a smoker, non smoker, drinker, non drinker – the list is endless . Over time, the ‘ I ‘ who we think we are, is identified with all these different labels until we come to the final label and then we are declared dead .

Our mind believes us to be ‘ I ‘ and anything which reinforces this identity is latched onto by our Ego . It doesn’t matter to the Ego really which identity we associate ourselves with as long as we have one, even negative ones such as alcoholic or murderer .

All these labels strengthen our Ego and it won’t give them up without a fight as its very existence depends on us believing that we are these different identities .

None of the identities we take on are our true Self . They are labels either others give us or we give to ourselves . You are not Frank , Rebecca, David, Claire or whatever name you use . You are not a parent, son, daughter, banker, architect, English or Eskimo . You are not a spiritual master or truthseeker . You are not young, old , alive or dead . They are just identities which our Egos use for its own benefit .

So who are we ? The answer is Nothing or No Thing . All these identities are only in the Mind, not in reality and enable the Ego to survive . We have no identity and our Ego’s belief in ‘ I Am ‘ limits us to our labels . We can be all things – by being No Thing we are Everything .

The current obsession with Identity Cards is at its heart an attempt by our Ego to reinforce the ‘ I Am ‘ and defend itself against our true being of No Thing . In reality the concept of a separate ‘ I ‘ does not exist . Everything is connected to each other and there is no ‘ I ‘ .

You are not You – the You which your Ego has created is a false identity and my created Ego is not me . We are far more than that – we are No Thing !


4 thoughts on “Who Am I ?

  1. If you ask that question to Peter Parker, he’ll answer, “I am Spiderman!” *LOL*

    BTW, let’s remind people too that ego can even identify itself with spiritual labels like being a monk, being a master, even being enlightened, and bla bla bla… ego is one cunning fella indeed! 😀

    1. Great to hear from you Rizal . Too true, too true ! We all have to deal with it – I assume now that most of what my mind says is rubbish . Spiritual arrogance and spiritual identity is an easy trap to fall into .
      I’ve been meaning to comment on your site but I’m not sure what to say, but I do enjoy your poems – Frank

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