The Holy Relationship

From A Course in Miracles :

The meaning of the Son of God lies solely in his relationship with his Creator . If it were elsewhere it would rest on contingency, but there is nothing else . And this is wholly loving and forever . Yet has the Son of God invented an unholy relationship between him and his Father . His real relationship is one of perfect union and unbroken continuity . The one he made is partial, self centred, broken into fragments and full of fear . The one created by his Father is wholly Self encompassing and Self extending . The one he made is wholly self destructive and self limiting .

Nothing can show the contrast better than the experience of both a holy and an unholy relationship . The first is based on love, and rests on it serene and undisturbed . The body does not intrude upon it . Any relationship in which the body enters is based not on love but on idolatry . Love wishes to be known, completely understood and shared . It has no secrets, nothing that it would keep apart and hide . It walks in sunlight, open eyed and calm, in smiling welcome and in sincerity so simple and so obvious it cannot be misunderstood .

The Holy Relationship reflects the true relationship the Son of God has with his Father in reality .The Holy Spirit rests within it in the certainty will endure forever . Its firm foundation is eternally upheld by truth, and love shines on it with the gentle smile and tender blessing it offers its own . Here the unholy instant is exchanged in gladness for the holy one of safe return . Here is the way to true relationships held gently open, through which you and your brother walk together, leaving the body thankfully behind and resting in the everlasting arms .

Love’s arms are open to receive you, and give you peace forever .


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