Sex and Death

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The two strongest desires in the human psyche are for sex and death . Whilst our desire for sex is obvious, the desire for death is hidden deep in our subconscious . Sigmund Freud, the famous psycho-analyst discovered our Death Wish after many years with patients, but never came to a firm conclusion why we would want something, we feared at the same time .

Sex is the same as death . We long for it but at the same time we fear it . The powerful emotions which come with sex can be overwhelming and this is not so strange when you realise that this is the same energy which creates anything . The same Life Force that creates children is the same one that created the Universe – it is not a coincidence that the start of the universe is known as the Big Bang and this creative Life Force resides in every living being .

Why are we so afraid of Sex and Death ? Below the fear of our own destruction when dying, there is a greater terror – a fear of joining with our spiritual Self . We are scared of joining and wish to remain separate from our Self as separate individuals . Our bodies give us the pretence of this separation and we are scared that when we die we will have to rejoin losing our individual identity . We use our bodies as a defence against the Self  and fear when we die we will be vulnerable against this enemy .

Sex is similar . We fear joining with another in a true relationship and losing our identity and find our relationships can self destruct when we are urged to go deeper into them . Many relationships flounder because of this fear of a deeper joining and find excuses to leave rather than join in greater intimacy .

What we really fear with Sex and Death is not just any old relationship but a relationship with God and Life, which are the same . We are scared of our spiritual Self but deeply yearn to rejoin with it . At present we are being asked to overcome this fear and end the Separation with God and when we do this, as we will, we will discover our true Self .



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