The Loneliness of Lady Gaga

  I’m perpetually lonely . I’m lonely when I’m in relationships. It’s my condition as an artist . ” – Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, one of the world’s most famous celebrities, has declared that she is lonely . The media promotes fame as a solution to people’s problems and many young people fall into this trap and believe appearing on a Reality show or becoming a famous model will solve all their problems .

In fact when Fame hits, the star finds themselves with more problems than they had before . They find themselves distanced from their friends and family and are surrounded by individuals who are only concerned with what they can get from the star and may also find that they attract dark energies which suck their life force from them .

The attention and adoration which they receive from their fans becomes addictive and when the acclaim is withdrawn, they find they feel empty without it and can resort to other addictions, like Lady Gaga with her cocaine problem, to fill the hole when they are not performing which then creates a larger problem .

The riches which come with fame can become another problem as they distance themselves from the world with minders and live in mansions removed from the ordinary world and when they look for support, they find that their friends who they relied on in the past, were consigned to the dustbin when they became famous .

Lady Gaga is a created persona and the original Stefani Germanotta has been forgotten with the new image and because of her fame, she cannot live the normal life of a young 24 year old girl .

All these factors will exacerbate Lady Gaga’s sense of isolation but I suspect she is feeling the existential loneliness which all humans suffer from . To avoid this emotion, we surround ourselves with others who we call friends of whom only a few are genuine . This avoidance of the sense of isolation can be seen with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter where the members try to have as many ‘ Friends ‘ and ‘ Followers ‘ as possible .

This existential loneliness is caused by our belief in the separation from the Divine . We have lost this connection and feel it deeply and look for it in addictions and relationships which ultimately fail to deliver .

The only solution to Lady Gaga’s and the World’s sense of loneliness is to reconnect with our spiritual Self . It is the only way .


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