What God Approves of

Westboro Baptist Church

I recently read a blog post where the author proclaimed what God approved and disapproved of . One of the things he stated was that God disapproved of the state of Israel and Jewish people in general . Obviously, he is anti-semitic and attempts to further his argument by claiming it comes from God .

This is rubbish but it got me thinking what does God approve of ? My belief is that God has no opinion one way or another what we do or don’t do and is not concerned with our actions . So why would a loving God allow this world of pain and death, where Life is such a struggle .

The answer is that God knows our world is not real and has no effect on our true Self . We are like children playing a make belief game in a world where we imagine we can be born, grow old and die . In this game we think there are enemies who wish to harm us and believe that imaginary physical items are valuable and vital to our existence .

We have invented a wrathful God and a diabolical Satan who will send us into eternal damnation who both fight for our souls in a never ending war, in which neither ever wins . This God declares us to be sinners who are in need of redemption and saving from this Devil .

God is not concerned with our actions but is concerned with our Mind for this is where our dysfunction resides and at the present time, we are being asked to give up our game and return to our real Self . It’s time to give up the world of separation and return to where we truly belong .


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