Poor Me

One of the Egos’s strongest bear traps is the Victim . I have not yet met anybody who does not exhibit this to some degree or another . Our Ego believes we live in an unfair world where people can be hurt and we all think this way .

The Victim can be used as a defensive shield as demonstrated by minority groups who attempt to deflect criticism using the excuse that as a Victim they are entitled to behave as they please . It is also used as a personal excuse to defend against criticism . The Compensation culture where law firms attempt to win money for their clients for any injury is a reflection of the Victim mentality .

The Victim comes from the belief that we are powerless beings in a world where we have no control over our personal situations . We believe that outside forces can influence our emotions and lives and our lives depend on these external forces . In fact the world is a mirror of our belief system and it is continuously reflecting back to us .

The Victim may blame their bad childhood, ill health or a myriad of other factors . I understand that at a five sense level, people seem to experience suffering but from a spiritual perspective the pain they feel is not happening . Our Ego likes to hold onto past misfortunes and grievances so we may retain our Victim mentality .

The Victim reinforces the belief we are not responsible for ourselves and we like to blame Them . This can be governments, bosses or even our partners who are capable of upsetting us and effecting our lives . We are the ones responsible for our emotions and  actions .

There are no winners or losers unless we think so . From the Ego’s perspective, the winner seems to be the one who manages to collect the most material possessions but Spirit does not differentiate as all it sees is Life . The Victim is only in the Mind and the Mind can be changed .


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