Be Careful What You Wish For

There are two tragedies in life .
One is not to get your heart’s desire
The other is to get it .

George Bernard Shaw – Man and Superman

” Be Careful What You Wish For ” is a New Age dictum which is intended to make people think twice about their desires . You may desire for material riches and the Universe may indeed supply what you want, but these desires may come with the loss of something else . This can be seen with the driven businessman who neglects his or her family and finds they are left alone with the material riches he desired .

Desire seems to he be hard wired into the human psyche . The world is full of seeming wonders and we try and fill our lives with these glittering prizes, only to find we are still unfulfilled . From a logical point of view it is sensible to wish for money and other material goods which can make Life easier to deal with . The constant effort to survive can stop us experiencing other aspects of Life and takes up most of our lives as we work to receive the money to buy the goods we need to survive.

We also have other positive desires such as peace and prosperity . We may wish for our children to lead happy and fulfilling lives and all these desires are understable . However it is not fully understood that our fear is also a desire . It is said where you direct your Mind will lead to what you experience and if your fear something strongly enough it will materialise in your life .

I would take it one stage further and say  that this fear is really a desire . Our Ego does not want us to see the dysfunction with its Mind and that it secretly longs for negative events to happen . A woman may fear that her husband will leave her but what this fear points to is a desire for the marriage to fail . A fear of unemployment also masks a desire for poverty and a fear of Death is really a subconscious desire to die .

Why would our Mind want negative things to happen to us ? The answer lies in the Guilt which underpins our Egoic mind . Deep down we feel we are unworthy and guilty and that we deserve to be punished and that by experiencing what we fear/desire this will somehow compensate for our sins . This can be seen in some religions which require some form of self harm in the hope of negating God’s wrath and righting any wrongs which may have been committed .

Of course, this is a load of rubbish as it is only in our Mind that Guilt and the concept of a vengeful God exists but it can play havoc with our lives as we are in a continual schizophrenic state whereby we hold two desires, one from our logical mind which desires positive things for us and the other which desires negative experiences .

We are Innocence – it is a fundamental part of our true nature, whatever sins we may seem to have committed . We do need to hurt ourselves to assuage God’s wrath as we are not guilty and the concept of punishment does not exist in the Mind of God, but only in our Mind . God/Life is not the enemy !



2 thoughts on “Be Careful What You Wish For

  1. Well, really, only religious-minded people believe in vengeful God 😀

    However, it seem to me that Guilt is not the universal issue. I found that while some of my clients’ fear is based on deeper guilt, most of them has fear as he deepest issue itself.

    It seems that whatever we attract to life–be it labelled as “positive” or “negative”–is the lesson we need to learn the most. When a woman fears that her husband will leave her, and that fear materialize, it is simply because she needs to learn how to overcome her fear of losing; and the same lesson will keep repeating itself until she successfully mastered the lesson on the level of soul–and moves to next lesson.

    Even “positive” experience also offers its own lesson.

    And, after all; “positive” and “negative” is just the judgement made by the egoic mind. The Truth is, Life is as it is–no more, no less.

    1. Hi Rizal – hope you’re well .

      The concept of a vengeful God is universal but seems to be more evident in ‘ religious ‘ people .
      From my own observations guilt is the key that holds the Egoic mind together and everything comes from this .
      I’m not a great believer in ‘ lessons ‘ – the aim of the spiritual search ( either conscious or subconsciously ) is to rejoin with the spiritual Self .
      Sometimes hard experiences can remove the blocks and open us to the deeper levels of ourselves .

      Cheers Frank .

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