Nothing’s Happening

It is very easy to become depressed and disillusioned with the world . The Oil spill and Afghan War news stories are examples of depressing events which may trigger disillusionment and from a five sense view of the world, it would be true . The Holocaust and other genocides are shown up as examples of the human race’s fractured psyche and when you are on the receiving end of this hatred, it is difficult to retain a sense of hope and optimism .

Our Mind shows a world of death and destruction and from this point of view, it is entirely logical . Luckily, our five sense view of the world is wrong . In reality, nothing is happening and our world is just an illusion held together by our Mind . Nothing has ever been hurt, damaged or died and the physical world is a mirror of our own belief system .

Because our Mind believes in the concept of Death, then this is what we see and because it believes in Separation we see a world full of individual, separated beings and objects . It is only an error in the Mind which is in need of correction . Many well meaning people attempt to change the movie not knowing the fault lies in the viewer and the world only shows our subconscious beliefs .

Nothing’s happening and Nothing matters unless we think it does . We are perfectly safe and are invulnerable to hurt whatever our Mind shows us .


2 thoughts on “Nothing’s Happening

  1. If the Mind is so error, why is it there on first place? What is “error”?

    If the five senses are wrong, then what is right? Again, what is “right” and what is “wrong”?

    It’s tricky: separation is viewed merely an illusion, but in believing so we separate the Mind, the five senses, and right and wrong–we’re still in the same illusion then.

    1. Thanks for your comments Rizal – they make me think which is always appreciated . My view is that it is the Mind’s belief system is based in error . Separation is only a belief or maybe more accurately a desire and this causes our view of the world . I’ll tell you what the real world is like when my separation ends . LOL . – Frank .

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