Remember, Remember

When a ” truthseeker ” starts out on their spiritual path, they will gorge themselves with spiritual knowledge . They will read a large number of books on all types of spirituality as if they were filling a large hole in themselves . The truthseeker may even find a guru to attach themselves to and can start spiritual practices such as meditation and yoga, or may go on spiritual retreats in their search for spiritual knowledge .

I can empathise with this spiritual search as I have been through a similar experience myself and much of the knowledge I gained has been invaluable . However you will come to a point when you may find yourself searching out of habit and it becomes an addiction . I realised this myself when I could not pass a bookstore without going into it and buying yet another book, which only repeated what I have read before .

In Britain, where I live there is an annual festival on the 5th November called Guy Fawkes Night when bonfires are burnt throughout the country . It is a remembrance of a plot by a Roman Catholic, Guy Fawkes and others to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London . If you have seen the film V for Vendetta, you will know the story .

There is a little ditty, which goes with the event :

Remember, remember the 5th of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot .

What the truthseeker is trying to do by all the searching  is actually to remember . We know who we are, but we have forgotten and need devices to trigger the memory of who we are . We are not really seeking, as we already know but this knowledge is shrouded in a fog of forgetfulness .

And we are not only retrieving the memory of our real Self by remembering but we will also be rejoining with it as ” to re-member ” does not only refer to a memory but also means a re-connection .

When we reach the end of the search, we will realise that we didn’t even have to search in the first place


4 thoughts on “Remember, Remember

  1. I found that gorging with spiritual knowledge is inevitable way for seekers, for those who doesn’t awake spontaneously.

    After reading many books and many point of view, I found spirituality to be much simpler than I initially learned.

    But books still help me to clarify; they are still a delight to read 😀

    1. Hi Rizal -I still do read books but I seem to have lost my addictive urge , luckily – it was getting expensive . Hope things well with you – Frank

  2. When all books and learning and reason and truth are finally set down, the stillness of the divine essence pervades and we remember. It is only through the cloud of unknowing that the genuine light begins to shine.

    1. Thanks for commenting – the thing is we do know but we block our memory . We have to go through the unknowing to realise we do know – Frank

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