What would Hitler do ?

In the western world we have two contrasts in the spiritual spectrum . Jesus is portrayed as the highest example whilst Adolf Hitler is seen as the lowest . Many Christians like to use Jesus as their paragon of virtue and ask ” what would Jesus do ” as a template how to live their lives .

The human psyche does not just contain so called positive facets but includes other darker elements . We all have the same potential to act like Jesus but we also have the same characteristics as Adolf Hitler . The vast majority of people deny their negative side and hence live their lives half asleep .

Light of the World - William Holman Hunt

In any situation we have a choice how we should behave and this can run from how Jesus would react but also we should ask ” what would Hitler do ? ” as these choices are open to us . God does not judge us and we are allowed to do what we want and can choose from all the possible potentialities .

We can only choose when we have contrasts of choice and polite society frowns on non conformist behaviour but true freedom can only come from the choices we allow ourselves . It can only be from knowing what ” Hitler would do ” can we know ” what Jesus would do ” .

However our choices are hampered by our view of the World, as our belief system contains various errors . The following are examples of this mistaken belief system :

  • The Body is real .
  • Time is real .
  • The physical world is real .
  • Death is real .
  • Guilt is real .
  • Life ( God ) is our enemy .
  • The separate ‘ I ‘ is real .

Choices are made more easily when you can see the full picture and with knowldege of the real World, it is easier to act like Jesus rather than Hitler but we always have the choice and it is by these choices do we create our World .


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