God’s Will

One of the most confusing concepts in spirituality is God’s Will . Many sincere seekers try to do what they imagine God’s Will to be and in the process get caught up in a war between what they feel is right and their instinctive urges which are in opposition to what they think God wants .

There appear to be two strands to the idea of God’s Will . From a historical view it can be safely assumed God’s Will is that we have complete freedom to do what we want . Horrors are carried out on a daily basis and there is no divine intervention to stop them and the belief in Hell came from this very freedom as moralists could not believe there could be no punishment .

To me Hell doesn’t seem very likely and the closest to Hell we will ever know is actually on the earthly plane . We are totally free to do what we want without divine punishment or chastisement and it is only on this earth do we try and restrict each other’s freedom .

However it shouldn’t be assumed that the actions we take are the same which God would take in our position . The God Mind is in direct opposition to our Egotistical Mind which only sees the world from the view of a separate individual whereas the God Mind sees the world as a unified whole . The God Mind believes in freedom, innocence, love and joining whilst our Ego’s Mind believes in punishment, guilt, revenge and separation .

God’s Will is total freedom but we shouldn’t fool ourselves that our actions are the Will of God .


2 thoughts on “God’s Will

  1. Hi Frank,

    I see the same thing too; that Hell is somehow, a concept born out of, umm… revenge? To me, Hell is a state of disconnection; how painful it is to completely forget who we are! 😀

    But since God is a unified whole, then whatever happens, including every single action of every single man, every movement of an atom, every manifestation of quantum potentiality, is the Will of God; because every of it cannot be otherwise. Everything happens for a reason, and that reason is God’s Will, the highest, ultimate Purpose of All.

    1. Hi Rizal – hope you’re OK . Hell is Separation and we think we have separated from God but as you say this cannot happen in reality . It’s difficult to know the real reasons for events from behind our veil .- Frank

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