The Survival Gene

Scientists refer to our survival gene which supposedly saves us from self destruction and the dangers that we face in this world . This survival gene helps us live in the world and keep us away from outside threats in a dangerous world full of enemies who want to kill or harm us .

This survival gene is actually not a gene as such but comes from our belief system which tells us that we can die and be harmed . In a sense this is true but it is not our real Self that is in danger but the smaller imaginary ‘ I ‘ which we think we are . We believe we are separate bodies that can die and the body does die, but we are not our Body .

We are not physical beings in reality and the physical world is just an illusion which we have come to believe is real . Our belief system is entirely logical if the world was real and the survival gene entirely plausible .

However our real Self has no need of a survival gene as it knows that it is invulnerable to any sort of harm . Survival is not an issue as it knows we are eternal and this goes for all consciousness .

In reality there is no need for a survival gene as we are at all times completely safe but this is not the case for the imaginary ‘ I ‘ which is in danger . It doesn’t exist and never has, apart from in our Mind .


2 thoughts on “The Survival Gene

  1. I guess the selfish gene is how the evolutionary biologists interpret Reality. It is one perspective.

    Physical world being merely an illusion, too, is a perspective.

    Believing one is true and one is false, then, is a form of clinging, or attachment, to a particular perspective.

    One Truth must encompass and transcend all possible perspectives, and such is why It is Undefinable, Unknowable. It is not a star or a black hole, it is the whole universe.

    1. Good stuff Rizal . The problem is that from our perspective we can only make an educated guess at the Ultimate Truth – Frank

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