The Dreamer of the Dream

From A Course in Miracles :

You are the dreamer of the world of dreams . No other cause it has, nor ever will . Nothing more fearful than an idle dream has terrified God’s son and made him think that he has lost his innocence, denied his Father, and made war upon himself . So fearful is the dream, so seeming real, he could not waken to reality without the sweat of terror and a scream of mortal fear, unless a gentler dream preceded his awaking, and allowed his calmer mind to welcome, not to fear the Voice that calls with love to waken him ; a gentler dream, in which his suffering was healed and where his brother was his friend . God willed he waken gently and with joy, and gave him means to waken without fear .

Accept the dream He gave instead of yours . It is not difficult to change a dream when once the dreamer has been recognized . Rest in the Holy Spirit and allow his gentle dreams to take the place of those of you dreamed in terror and in fear of death . He brings forgiving dreams in which the choice is not who is the murderer and who shall be the victim . In the dreams He brings there is no murder and there is no death . The dream of guilt is fading from your sight, although your eyes are closed . A smile has come to lighten up your sleeping face . The sleep is peaceful now, for these are happy dreams .

Dream softly of your sinless brother who unites with you in holy innocence . And from this dream the Lord of Heaven will Himself awaken his beloved Son . Dream of your brother’s kindnesses instead of dwelling in your dreams on his mistakes . Forgive him his illusions and give thanks to him for all the helpfulness he gave and do not brush aside his many gifts because he is not perfect in your dreams .


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