Crystal Cave, Naica – Mexico

Crystal Cave – Naica, Mexico

The start of my conscious spiritual journey started when I joined a company which sold semi precious stones . From 1994 – 2005, I was probably in close contact with crystals as much as anybody on the planet and found much to my unbelieving mind, at the time, that they have enormous energy .

On my first day a co-worker was trying to explain this to me and asked me to put my hand over some quartz and I experienced a tingle in my hands . She got in a mood saying she had worked with stones for 20 years and never felt a thing . However by the time I left she could feel the energy .

Crystals do have energy that can be used for healing but in my experience they will not cure the symptoms, but work on the subconscious belief system even though I know people who claim they cured their back pain or headache .

Even scientific detection meters can now measure the energy from them and quartz is used in watches . If you are drawn to crystals do not be deterred by sceptics as you will find they can be a major tool in your spiritual life .

Below is a video of the amazing Crystal Cave in Naica, Mexico which shows the enormous pieces of Selenite in them . This cave has the largest crystals I have ever seen and is one of the most amazing places on earth . Enjoy the video .

Image Source : BBC


2 thoughts on “Crystal Cave, Naica – Mexico

  1. Very interesting, Frank. I have unique experience too with crystals. It seems that some of them could absorb and contain great deal of negative energy that once I wear them as bracelet I fell ill 😀

    Nice video, too. I guess there is much more than just infrared radiation 😀

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