The Dream Lord


In Saturdays, Dr Who episode Amy’s Choice, ( it’s about the only programme I watch these days ) Dr Who and his companions are confronted by a new enemy The Dream Lord . The Dream Lord has managed to take over their minds and they awaken to two realities and Dr Who has to work out which one is real as if he doesn’t they will be killed in the real world . Luckily he works out that both worlds are false and manages to return to reality .

We live in a Dream world, ruled by a Dream Lord . We are the Dream Lord and the world we see is a projection of our personal and collective belief system . Our personal belief systems come from personal experience and others’ belief systems which were handed down to them . These beliefs include guilt, fear and death neither of which are our true selves .

At the present, we are close to awakening from our dream of a world of death, pain and disease and all the sundry ills of the world and when we awaken, we will have a brief memory of the dream but it will quickly dissipate . The Dream Lord will fade away and we will be able to return to a world based on our true belief of love and forgiveness .


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