If you are involved in spiritual practice, one of the pitfalls you may find is becoming ungrounded . You may feel spacy and find it difficult to concentrate on day to day matters , but I have found there is another facet to being ungrounded . It may be different for others, but I find that when I am ungrounded I am confronted with minor, but aggravating and frustrating problems such as minor car problems, electrical difficulties with phones and the computer, and ATMs being out of order .

The following is my practice for grounding myself . I also use a protection bubble, but I must admit I am not sure whether this is entirely necessary but each person has their own method .



The above image shows the seven chakra points . I imagine standing in a green field and I pass a white light from the crown chakra at the top down through the different chakras to the root chakra at the bottom . I, then, imagine this energy being passed through my legs and out into the field . The white light represents excess spiritual energy and I also repeat the process with a black light for any other stuff . After I have done this I then imagine shutting each chakra as a closing door and next I imagine tree roots descending from the bottom of my feet into the ground . Finally I envisage my body being surrounded by thick glass as a protective shield .

We each find our own method and some people find walking or physical exercise enough, but personally this doesn’t seem enough for me and I need to use the above method . If you find yourself spaced out you probably need grounding and I suggest the above as a means of grounding yourself .

Traditionally seven chakras are used but I imagine a further chakra known as the Thymus, which is placed between the Throat and Heart chakras .


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