Spiritual Arrogance

When most people start out on their spiritual path, they have a genuine desire to learn and they pursue this path with innocence . At this point they are open to new ideas and experiences and progress tends to be quite swift . But as they learn more they will face egoic resistance from within, some obvious but sometimes subtle .

Everybody who is on the path will come to a point when they realise how much they understand and will be startled that other people cannot see what they do . At this point a spiritual arrogance can develop and it is easy to start thinking how clever they are and how stupid are those who do not see the world as they do . One term I have seen often used is ‘ sheeple ‘ which is a phrase used to describe people who have a herd like mentality ( in effect a cross between sheep and people ) .

The spiritual devotee may think they are special or chosen and will look down on those who don’t share their view point and may attack other spiritual belief systems . They think they are the holders of the truth and know it all, ignoring any other opinion and eventually the mind that was originally open, gradually becomes closed down and fixed in its views declaring theirs is the only way .

This spiritual arrogance is a normal process to face and it is part of the Ego’s defence mechanism . Its aim is to create a gulf between themselves and others to continue the Separation and also hide the fact that there is more to learn . A closed Mind is a block to spiritual progress and certainty in belief is the sign of the Egoic Mind’s attempt to curtail further development . There seems to be no end to spiritual learning and anybody who says they know it all should be treated with suspicion .

It is something we all have to deal with but awareness of this inner arrogance can help to reduce its effect . It is just another defence which is used to stop the re-connection with the larger Self but when it is seen for what it is, it will gradually fade away .


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