The Special One

There are two views of the meaning of special . Our ego has one whilst our spiritual Self has another view . To the Ego, specialness is a means of continuing the separation and it uses our special relationships for this end . A special relationship is one that is used as a means of exclusion . Our special love relationships are the main gifts that the Ego promises us will save us and we enter them full of hope . For a short period they do deliver – we feel special and loved but like a physical addiction this love can quickly turn to hate and as soon as one love relationship fails, then we look for another .

Special relationships can be with anything – your work, love partners, money, your children, even God . Physical addictions to drugs such as nicotine and alcohol are special relationships .The aim is to exclude the Self and to continue the separation .They can make us feel special and better than others, but only for a while and then we look for something else to give us the same feeling . Our Ego convinces us that these relationships are heaven, but they purposefully keep us out of heaven .

Our Self has a different interpretation of special . It does not see the separation and sees no part of Life as better or worse than another and understands that we are joined . It views all as special and sees Love as union whilst our Ego’s view of Love is really separation and exclusion . The special relationship is an attack on Life but is ultimately futile as Life cannot be damaged or changed in any way . All of Life is special and cannot be separated and no special relationship can change this .


2 thoughts on “The Special One

    1. Thanks Rizal – the God I am talking about is the one who is seen as a separate being . Hope things well with you . – Frank

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