Whistle While You Work

I live close to a railway station and every day I see the commuters on their way to work and on their return . It is interesting to observe the exhausted nature of these individuals as they struggle to earn a crust . They look unhappy and full of stress, but there is something within which forces them to get up everyday at some ridiculous time to go and do whatever they do and which over a period of time, they learn to hate .

Why do we do this ? Obviously our ‘ survival gene ‘ plays a large part in this, but there is another element in our personalities which makes us do this . ‘ You’re not here to enjoy yourself ‘ is a phrase you may have heard whilst having a break in your day, but from my own observations this is actually how a large percentage of the world view Life . Society looks in favour on those who are continually doing things . One of the most common put downs is ‘ you’re lazy ‘ and we are told this from a very early part of our life, as though it was a crime to do what we want to do .

In my country, Britain children are generally packed off to school at the age of five, at the very latest and many children start a form of schooling at an earlier age than this . From then until you are sixteen or eighteen you stay in school and then, either go straight to work or go into Higher Education of some sort to learn even more . You will then remain in work until you are sixty five, when you are allowed to retire and receive your pension and there is talk of increasing the retirement age to seventy or seventy five . Basically all the best years of your life are spent working at something you would probably not have done if you had a proper choice . This is complete and utter madness .

We are not meant ‘ to do ‘ but to LIVE . As the cliche goes – we are not human doings but human beings . Our Ego endeavours to keep us unaware of our spiritual Self by our continuous doing and keep the demon at bay . Being is our natural state and Being is all there is .


2 thoughts on “Whistle While You Work

  1. Yet I am sure, even such things happen for reasons.

    We have to fall into such conditioned way of life before realizes freedom–or else we are not aware of freedom.

    1. Hi Rizal- possibly you are right, but the conditioning it is so ingrained in the human psyche that it is difficult to shift . Liked your last poem by the way . – Frank

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