The Beast Below

Sometimes you will come across films and TV programmes in which, beneath the basic plot line, there is a deeper meaning to the story, similar to many fairy tales . This is especially so in Sci-fi entertainment and yesterday I watched an episode of Doctor Who which, underneath its very good story, was attempting to tell the tale of our Ego and its relationship to our larger Self .

doctor whoDoctor Who with Amy Pond

The episode is titled  “ The Beast Below “ and Doctor Who and his new companion, Amy Pond visit a travelling island travelling through space known as Starship UK . The Doctor immediately recognises that life on this starship is not quite right as the occupants are herded and guarded by automaton creatures known as the Smilers and anyone who steps out of line is immediately dispatched down below never to be seen again .

Amy Pond eventually finds herself in a room where she is informed that she needs to watch a video of the history of the planet and then decide whether she wants to Protest or Forget . It transpires the travelling starship is actually the survivors of Britain in the 29th century when due to increased solar activity the planet could no longer sustain human life and Britain is now the starship . It is explained if she pushed the Protest button it may have serious negative consequences and she pushes the Forget button . When it is the Doctor’s turn, he, of course pushes the Protest button and they are both hurtled down into the mouth of a huge creature .

Star whale mouthIn the belly of the Star Whale

Escaping the mouth of the creature, the Doctor works out that the starship is being propelled through space via a Star Whale which the original Britons managed to capture at the time of the disaster on Earth and that the guards are there to stop anybody realising the truth . All the time the Star Whale is being tortured and shackled to stop it escaping and save Starship UK from destruction . The Doctor then decides to destroy the consciousness of the whale so it may avoid unnecessary suffering but at the last minute, Amy Pond realises the Star Whale was not helping Starship UK involuntarily but by choice to help the members of the starship avoid destruction . The Whale is released from its torture and continues its journey with Starship UK and everything ends happily .

Many people have realised that we are imprisoned by our laws and political systems but they do not understand that it is by our own choice . Our Smilers are our belief system ( the Ego ) and it believes it is protecting us from destruction by remembering our true heritage . We have pushed the Forget button and wiped out our memories .

What are we forgetting ? The Star Whale represents our divine Self and it is guiding us through our existence and however much we imprison and torture it, it continues to persist in aiding us . We have chosen to forget our true Being and fear ‘The Beast Below’ not understanding it is our friend . The Ego is based on a mistaken belief that our larger Self is an enemy and we deliberately keep the truth from our conscious Mind by continually pushing the Forget button . By joining with the Star Whale we will have no more need for the Smilers and we be able to continue our journey in peace .

Images source : BBC


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