Living in the Past

Recently, I have seen a common thread in ‘ spiritual ‘ websites wondering when ‘ we will get there ‘ . Many are very excited about 2012 due to the Mayan prophecy, which specifies that date as the end of a cycle after which there appears to be no further details . Some have said this is when the End of the World will be and others are hoping this will be the time of some form of spiritual ascension . I do not know what will happen tomorrow let alone in 2012 so I do not feel able to pass any judgement on this, but Time is very different in reality to how we experience our lives .

Arthur Koestler wrote a famous book called “ The Ghost in the Machine “ in which he pondered on human existence . Wikipedia says :

One of the book’s central concepts is that as the human brain has grown it has built upon earlier, more primitive brain structures and that they are the Ghost in the Machine of the title . Koestler’s theory is that at times these structures can overpower logic and are responsible for hate, anger and other such impulses .

This is true but what I would add is that our emotions are actually ghosts . They do not exist any more . They are replaying a moment in time when we had a thought of a world which was full of death, hate, anger, guilt and fear and the rest but this one thought has kept repeating itself over who knows how long . It is like an addiction which we simply keep on doing again and again . It was only an idea and as such does not exist in concrete reality, but for some reason we are unwilling to let it go . The world is over NOW – it exists only in the past and as the past does not exist, our world does not either . It is only in our Mind does it continue .

Everything we experience through our bodies is second hand . When you look at yourself or anything, it takes but an instant for the light waves to be received by your brain . Again this goes for your thoughts and feelings which are decoded in the brain, but in this instant is the difference between the real world and the world we see . For everything you sense in the body is in the past and therefore does not exist any more and never has been . I once worked for a company that sold crystals to the New Age market and we had a few customers who said that they could release souls who were dead but were trapped in the earthly plane and send them to the light . I do not know whether this is true or not, but it is actually us who are dead . Our bodies, mind and feelings are no more – we are ghosts haunting an imaginary world .

We are ‘ there ‘ now . The world we see through our egoic Mind is dead and it is only with spiritual vision will we be able to see the real world and it is this which the current spiritual bombardment is trying to achieve . So when we will get there in linear time. Will it be 2012 or 6012 ? The answer is that it does not matter – the world of separation, death, hate, fear and guilt is over . The outcome is assured but it is up to us when we accept the death of our egoic minds and bodies and amend our vision accordingly .


2 thoughts on “Living in the Past

  1. Interesting article. I have thought similar things, but I think some would say that, well actually it is a very spiritual viewpoint, the Christian viewpoint really calls us all ‘dead’ in flesh until we are reborn in the Spirit.. so in a way, that sounds like this.. and like in the actual ‘Matrix’ they are really all ‘dead’ asleep, thinking they are alive but really living literally only in their heads.. their ‘egos..’

    1. Rhapsodyinred- I have just checked this blog and thanks for commenting on both my sites . It’s appreciated . When I realised that nothing in my past had actually occurred I have found it easier to deal with the victim consciousness . This goes for World events as well such as The Holocaust and 9/11 . Nobody’s really died or hurt – its all Mind stuff which keeps us locked into our Ego mind set . Frank .

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