The Biggest Secret

I originally wrote this post ” The Biggest Secret ” for my other blog Merovee before I started Merovee’s Child . This is more appropriate for this blog so I am repeating it here :

The Secret we deliberately keep from our conscious Mind is that we have agreed to all the pain and suffering in the World . We like to think we have no responsibility for events that happen, especially the so called bad ones such as wars, disease and death . We are actually One Mind but we decided to separate into individual bodies and create the physical universe we see . Our Egoic mind then created defences such as emotional states, which include guilt, anger, fear and the rest . In the physical world, other defences such as death, pain, war, disease and Time are used to continue this separation in our Mind .

This happened a long time ago and we have deliberately forgotten who we are but the egoic Mind, like a programmed computer keeps pumping out the orders to us, so we may remain divided . All conflicts stem from this desire to remain separate, but we agreed to this and are responsible for everything we see . The world we see is not real, but an incredibly sophisticated Virtual Reality world, which we use to hide away and continue the separation . In this dense vibration, it is very difficult for Spirit, for want of a better word, to exist as we have deliberately set up a system to avoid joining . You and I agreed to this and whenever we see something we don’t like, be aware that you have given your permission for it to happen .

Why do we agree to this ? We use the physical universe is so we can be separate from God . Rather like stroppy teenagers, we decided to separate from our Creator in rebellion to do our ‘ own thing ‘ . For some unknown reason, we came to believe God was our enemy, who wishes us to be in pain but it is not God who wants this for us but our choice so we may remain separate . It is actually impossible to be separate from God, as God is Life and so are we, but we can believe we are divided from the divine and it is only in the egoic Mind that this belief lives . It is not real . 

Over the last hundred years or so, there has been a steady and slowly increasing amount of ‘ Light ‘ into the Earth and this has caused massive upheaval as our egoic Mind tries to resist it . The only reason for the many wars we have is to fight the Light and continue the separation from God and Life . However it has been decided that the separation is to end and for us to rejoin with God . Continuing the stroppy teenager analogy, we are now eighteen years old and it is time for us to leave our childish and teenage tantrums behind and join the grown up World . The decision has been made and resistance only delays the inevitable and causes unnecessary suffering . Literally, all we have to do is decide to end the Separation and our World of pain will cease to be . You know it makes sense .


2 thoughts on “The Biggest Secret

  1. Another view would be that this separation is part of God’s expression, to experience Himself through infinite point of view. From Oneness He descended into infinite manifestations, and through the evolution, in time, these infinite manifestations ascended back into Oneness. We are simply God in His own journey in Himself; nobody is enemy of another 🙂

    1. Rizal-thanks for the comments . I don’t think we are God as such but creations of God and the separation/rebellion is a natural part of our evolution like teenagers in this world and this period is now ending . Frank .

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