The Death Wish

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Sigmund Freud


Everything you see in this physical world is symbolic of death . Nothing you see will last for ever – bodies will die, empires fall and galaxies disintegrate . The whole of the physical universe will come to an end and at some point your body will cease to be . This is just an illusion as Life is all there is and death does not exist .

Sigmund Freud, the famous psychiatrist theorised that buried deep within the human psyche was a desire to die and that our actions are directed by this impulse . From my own observations, I would agree with this but this urge is very well hidden within the subconscious and only comes to the surface when the Ego is threatened . Mostly, it is projected outwards onto to other people and even though the vast majority of human beings do not murder, feelings of hate and anger are signs of this desire . It can be felt as self hatred, a hatred of Life or at its most basic suicidal thoughts .

The Death Wish is most obvious in depression, when the impulse for suicide can be overwhelming but it is also seen in physical illnesses when the patient feels life is no longer worth living because the physical restraints imposed on the body have become too much . When someone dies after a long illness, you may hear people say ‘ they are at peace now ‘ or it is a release and is meant genuinely but it is an indication of the subconscious belief that death is somehow good and life is suffering and a struggle .

Our sexual desire is an example of the Death Wish at work . We may see the most beautiful man or woman and desire to have sex with them but it is not the real them we are trying to join with but the body, which is doomed to die . The body is representative of death and when you say you wish ‘ to have them ‘ you are really wanting to die . This goes for anything in the world you yearn for – you are actually longing for death .

The Death Wish is a defence against God and Life . Deep down we think Death will save us from our enemy, God . Of course this is ridiculous as we are part of God and this cannot be changed , not even by Death . Nothing can ever alter our connection to God and nothing ever will .


One thought on “The Death Wish

  1. Interesting idea about The Death Wish. Never thought about it that much 🙂

    Doesn’t agree with the last though; instead of defense, I feel it is more of a part of natural impulse to return to The Source 🙂

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