Separation from God

The main monotheistic religions Christianity, Islam and Judaeism start from the same premise . The Adam and Eve story describes the Fall with God expelling us from the Garden of Eden due to our innate guilt . He is angry with us for eating from the Tree of Knowledge and listening to the serpent and ever since we have lived in a state of separation from God .

This fable is exactly the opposite of the truth . It is not God who caused the separation but us . We decided to separate from God . God, Life , the Universe or whatever your description for the divine cannot be anything else but Love and would never consider expelling any part of Life ,even if it could be done, which it can’t . We caused the separation and have built up defences to continue it . As God allows us complete freedom we can believe we are separated in our Mind but it is impossible for us to be disconnected in reality .


Circle of Life


If you look at the image above you can see our world, in the circle cocooned from the real world and God . These defences only live in the Mind and it is our choice to live in a world of death, pain and guilt . At the present, we are being asked to remember who we really are and rejoin with the divine . At a very deep level we have decided to end the separation and yet there is still a part of us that fears God . It is just a matter of letting this fear go and the separation will end .


2 thoughts on “Separation from God

  1. Nice.

    I myself view the story of Adam and Eve from different perspective though. By following the lure of desire (The Serpent), man lost the Bliss of Oneness (expelled from Paradise).

    1. Hi Rizal- hope things are well with you . You’re quite right – our addiction to the physical world is a major reason for the separation but it is our choice not God’s – Frank .

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