Guilt is the major emotion which separates our ego from our larger Self . We try and deny our guilt by projecting it outside of us and attacking the outside world . Even though it may appear real, guilt and sin do not exist in the Mind of God and as we share the very same Mind they don’t in our real Self . Everything is innocent and that includes you, but we hold onto the concept of guilt so we may remain separate from the Divine .

This is described best in ” A Course in Miracles ”  :

As you look upon yourself and judge what you do honestly, you may be tempted to wonder how you can be guiltless .Yet consider this : You are not guiltless in time, but in eternity . You have ” sinned ” in the past, but there is no past . Always has no direction . Time seems to go in one direction, but when you reach its end it will roll up like a long carpet spread along the past behind you and will disappear . As long as you believe the Son of God is guilty you will walk down this carpet, believing that it leads to death . And the journey will seem long and cruel and senseless, for so it is .


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