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Time is a conjuring trick . It does not exist . Past and future are only figments of our imagination and as many self help programmes will tell you, there is only Now . No other time has existed apart from the present .

I remember as a child being told ‘ Tomorrow never comes ‘ and being unable to understand . Of course there is a tomorrow, I would think to myself . Today is Monday, tomorrow Tuesday and after that Wednesday, but I didn’t realise that when Tuesday came it would be Now and not tomorrow anymore . Our Mind treats the past and future as real and yet they are not real . The past is over and the future yet to come and yet our present is moulded by these two imaginary imposters .

There is only Now and as mind boggling as this may seem, everything is taking place at the same time . At this moment you are being born and dying and everything in between . 9/11, the birth of Jesus and the creation of Earth are happening Now . This moment is the present and a present, in the sense it is a gift and our choice is whether to accept it or not .


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