Keep Young and Beautiful if you want to be Loved

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In my last post Money Makes The World Go Around I discussed the futility of the pursuit of money because of its unreality . The same goes for The Body . The world is obsessed by The Body, especially by women . Women’s lives revolve around their appearance to the point where it seems it is hardwired into the female psyche . To a lesser extent men are affected the same way as can be seen by the recent boom in fitness and exercise and the proliferation of men’s hygiene products . We are conditioned by the media to concentrate on The Body and are bombarded with advertisements and articles on how to keep healthy and looking good . As with money it is all pointless as The Body does not exist .

The Body does not live or die – it does nothing . It is not real and our greatest fear Death relies on our continuing belief in the body as important to us . The Body does not exist and neither does death . We believe we are actually doing things with our body whilst in reality nothing is happening – it is all in the Mind . So what is the body ? The best description I have found is by Deepak Chopra :

Then where is the soul ? One of the biggest misconceptions is that the soul resides in the body . People may say , ” this person died, and the soul has left ” but it’s not true . The soul is not inside the body . The soul projects itself as the body and the mind . It finds a location in space-time, and broadcasts or telecasts itself through the body . But just as the characters in a movie are not inside my television set when I’m watching it, and Beethoven is not inside my radio when I’m listening to it, my soul is not inside my body . My soul is merely localizing or expressing itself through my body .

We have forgotten our true Selves and have come to believe we are our Body are in this world . We believe our hologram self, like the picture of Lewis Hamilton is real . We are not actually here but only imagine we are . Our Body is nothing and is doomed to die – we are not .


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