Money Makes The World Go Around

Money makes the world go around
The world go around
The world go around
Money makes the world go around .

95% of our lives are focused on money . We are either working to earn money or thinking of ways to earn more . With this money we buy food, shelter and power and we value our worth depending on how much money we have . Even our education is just a stepping stone to when we will be able to earn and the best years of our lives are spent chasing the dollar . With this money we can buy cars and houses and material goods to fill up these houses .

This focus on money is entirely logical if we believe the world to be purely material . Actually the world is not real – it is an illusion, a conjuror’s trick . If you can fully grasp this then you will understand the house or the car that you so desperately want does not exist . The money in your Bank does not exist and therefore has no power . This goes for anything material – your body is an illusion as well . It is a waste of time chasing after money as it is not real and even if you have a £1 billion in your bank account you are no richer than someone who has £10 – as neither actually exist .

There is one flaw at the heart of our belief system and it is the material world is real . The material world is powerless because it is just mind stuff and the pursuit of money is a journey to nowhere, precisely because it is not real .


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